Advantages of rapid change of the diameter

Automatic Wire Straightening and cutting machines

H-model is so called as its structure resembles an H-figure. It is made of a wide central plate with two lateral heads, so that the machine’s body reveals to be quite resistant to vibrations and all its parts are easily accessible for maintenance.

In the front side there are the spinner, feeding-rolls and motor, while in the back it is possible to find all the transmission device. The most important innovation of H-models lies in the spinner.

Delisi is the sole company wich builds automatic wire straightening and cutting machines with the rapid change of the diameters. In the spinner there is a pre-regulated set of straightening jaws and in a very few seconds with two simple operations the machine is ready for a new diameter to work:

1. It is enough to slaken three bolts and make the holding plate slide to one side. Then pull out the straightening group with three jaws from the opposite side and insert a new pre-regulated unit. The result can be guaranteed when the operator inserts a straightening group which has been previously used for that same wire.

2. Feeding rolls are never changed. The operator just needs to select the requested groove.

The above mentioned operations take about two minutes.

The flat straightening jaws could be in cast iron, integral carbide, with carbide inserts or other kinds of material.